The First IFIA Event in USA:

INPEX - Invention & New Product Exposition

June 13-15, 2012


INPEX - The Invention New Product Exposition

Short introduction of the INPEX

INPEX, the Invention & New Product Exposition, is America's largest invention trade show. INPEX provides a forum for inventors to exhibit their inventions and attempt to make contacts with companies interested in licensing, marketing or manufacturing new products.

The organizer: "The Invent Help People," America's leading provider of invention assistance services for inventors which is IFIA collaborating member from 2012.

The 27th Invention Show had been held June 13-15, 2012 at the Monroeville Convention Center, just minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA).

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The IFIA participation

The IFIA delegation (The IFIA President + 5 persons) participated on the INPEX 2012. This delegation evaluated the US inventions (more than 200) and prepared a proposal for awarding to the IFIA President.



The best ten US inventions had been won free of charge booths on 2012 IFIA events.

The best ten US inventions which had been presented on INPEX 2012:


  1. Ricky Evans: Fire King Start fires instantly
  2. Dheny and Alan Veistiaite, Michele and Stene Jogarty: KidLok Child safety device
  3. Tselane Robertson:  Safety Video Spray Personal protection device that combines a canister of pepper spray with battery operated video camera
  4. Max Elia: Poolnanny keeping kids safe
  5. Joel Gonzalez: HadiLite handiest flashlight
  6. Gregg Govey: Sifter to process dirt, loam materials
  7. Migdalis Torres: Portable Oral Hygiene System
  8. Jamie Richard: Tongue Brush
  9. Jeff Daves: FlipBrush Toothbrush straight and T position
  10. Mike Linhardt: AirClip iPhone steady while recording


Additional IFIA prizes were the IFIA Laureate, the IFIA Gold Medal and the Tesla Memory Medal.



View of Pittsburgh downtown



IMPEX, US booths



Booth of IFIA office



Winner of the IFIA Laureate:

Ricky Evans - Fire King


Winner of the IFIA Gold Medal:

Dheny and Alan Veistiaite, Michele and Stene Jogarty - KidLok


Winner of Tesla Memory Medal:

Tselane Robertson - Safety Video Spray