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Second ExCo meeting in 2014


Last Update
  4 November, 2014

The IFIA ExCo meeting had been convened  on November 1, 2014 at 10:00 hours;

Venue: “Zürich” Meeting room of Hal 12 Nuremberg Messezetrum, conneted to IENA.

Minutes in short

1. Calling of voting participants


  1. Mr. Shin Kyoung-ho, Korea Rep.

  2. Mr. Alireza Rastegar, Iran

  3. Mr. Zhang Qin, China

  4. Ms. Ana Hafner, Slovenia

  5. Mr. Khaled Nashwan, Yemen (his vote by Mr. Janos Szöllösy, Hungary)

  6. Mr. Jurij Skomorovski Ukraina (his vote by Mr. Vladimir Petriasov, Russia)

  7. Mr. Joel Shaka Momodu, Nigeria

  8. Mr. Cenneth Lindkvist, Sweden

  9. Mr. Dr. Octavian Plesa, Romania

  10. Mr. Pavel Dlohy, Czech Rep.

  11. Mr. Vladimir Petriasov, Russia

  12. Mr. Janos Szöllösy, Hungary

  13. Mr. András Vedres, IFIA President

The quorum  is 5, it is OK.

No voting participants:

Mr. Adam Rylski IFIA Director General

Mr. Husein Hujic dirctor (represeted by Mr. Mladen Karic)


The participants had received 100 EUR accommodation compensations.


Observer members from:

China: Mr. Zengpei Xuan, Li Biao, Chen Lei and Qiaoshou Zhang, Croatia: Mr. Zoran Barsic, Mr. Igor Dujmovic and Mr. Vojislav Rausevic, Poland: Mr. Michal Szota, Danmark: Mrs. Vivi Aakjaer, Iceland: Mrs. Elinora Inga Sigurdardottir, Switzerland: Mrs. Anne Loertscher, Niger: Mr. Idrissa Hassane Soluey




2. Agenda 


  1. Calling of the ExCo members

  2. Adopt the Agenda

  3. Preparation of General Assembly 2014

  4. Nomination of next IFIA President

  5. New ExCo members’ nomination


This Agenda was approved by 13 votes.



3. Preparation of General Assembly 2014


Where: Huaqiao International Expo Center, Kunshan (http://english.hqcbd.com/2009-04/17/content_7688769.htm)

When: 1:00 pm 20 November, 2014

Connected to: The Kunshan International Invention Fair (KIIF) November 19-22, 2014


3.2. Proposed agenda

  1. Calling of the delegates

  2. Adopt the agenda

  3. Amendment of the Statutes

  4. Report of Andras Vedres President (2006-2014)

  5. Election of President

  6. Election of leaders

  7. Election of ExCo

  8. Next GA

The GA Agenda proposal was approved by 13 votes.

3.3 Amendment of the Statutes

The preparation is completed (approved by ExCo + circular discussion).


Main modifications are small modernization of 46 years old version and some structural modifications:

  • Internet is the communication tool

  • 2 types of membership only: Full and collaborating members

  • New elected leaders: Honorary President, DG

The proposed Statutes to the GA: http://www.invention-ifia.ch/Amendment/Proposal_2.htm


3.4 Report of Andras Vedres President (2006-2014)

András Vedres intends to report his double term presidium (period 2006-2014) as falow:


A.) Andras Vedres activity: Representation of the IFIA and invention world vide

B.) Andras Vedres heritage:

  • Invention marketing: System of the invention exhibitios and delete of 1000inventions.com

  • Recognitions: IOMI and Arpad Bogsch Memory Medal

  • Competitions: ECO, Chem, CII, Diploma works

  • Presentations: Cultural innov, Design, Cartoon, Stamp, CII

  • Others: International Invention Day, Virtual Hal of Fame

C.) Finance:


Summarized chart was presented and other dates.



Values in USD


An audit and inspection of the IFIA finance was carried out according to European Union and Hungarian audit laws and regulations on 16 October. The investigated documents were the IFIA bank account reports and invoices.


        The bookkeeping of IFIA was taken place in good order.

        The IFIA Balance Sheet is based on the account dates.

        The IFIA Balance Sheet is recognized as a financial document.


The audit and inspection report was presented on the meeting.


The members of ExCO unanimously take note of the presidential report.


4 Nomination of next IFIA President


Presented by the President:

4.1.) World competitions:

  • 4th Computer Implemented Inventions - connected to Shiraz IFIII, 22-26 April - 31 items from 9 countries (46/6, 2013 Geneva)

  • 3rd Chemical Inventions - connected to IWIS, 8 -10 October

  • 4th Eco-inventions - connected to IENA, 31 October - 3 November

4.2.) International Inventors’ Day:

The criteria of International Inventors’ Day celebration  is together celebration of a national inventors' day which was accepted by the ExCo. The ExCo was chosen Brazil inventors' day. Unfortunately we did not get any information about Brazil inventors' day. Therefore the celebration in Brazil connecting to INNOVAWORLD (9-11 October) would be illegal.



The ExCo deletes his decision to celebrate the 7th  International Inventors' Day in Brazil.

The Association of Hungarian Inventors proposes to celebrate the 7th  International Inventors' Day on the Hungarian Inventors Day. This is the priority day (13 June, 1941) of the patent application of the first Vitamin C technology invented by Albert Szent-Györgyi (Nobel-prize awarded Hungarian scientist and inventor). The 6th HU Inventors' Day will celebrate on 13 June, 2014, Budapest together with the 7th Celebration of IID by a real and virtual celebration titled:

„Honor to the inventors”

Presentation of the top classical (3 in XX Century) and best present (2 alive) inventors’ activity country by country. (It will be published on the IFIA web).

The members of ExCO unanimously accepted the proposal


5. New ExCo members’ nomination

The next ExCo meeting be organized connected to IENA Nuremberg, November 1. 2014.



  • Nomination of new President

  • Approval of amendment of the Statutes

  • Approval IFIA finance


The proposal  was unanimously accepted.

The President had closed the ExCo meeting