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Inventor and Invention:


BOHOLY, János: Globe chess


1.  The Invention



Globe chess


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

The disadvantage of a traditional chess-board is that the figure’s virtuousness, getting near to the edge of the board is decreasing and on the corner-scope is just as inconvenient. These negative aspects are stable on any 2D´s chess-boards , because the above mentioned facilities are impossible to eliminate



This is a chess board on the surface of a ball. The chess-pieces are fixed by magnets. It becomes more interesting due to the lack of edges and corners



The „Globe-chess“ is no more than a traditional chess-board replaced on the surface of a globe. /8x8+2 panel/ It’s consequential that from the structure of a globe we get a playing area, where the corners and edges are nonexistent. In this case the figures are able to get all the unlimited chances to reach their highest effectuality. The movements can only be obstructive by the enemy’s or by it’s own figures. The corners and edges of the chess-board could not stop them as it would in the traditional sense.

All the 64 panels taking places as an equal rank, so it gives the ability to move the figures under optimal conditions with max. efficiency. Only the value of the chess-man and their efficiency could change the coming up differences within any panels. It makes a considerable step forward if we compare it to the traditional chess-board, where the differences in values are determinant by the effects of the edges and corners of the chess-board. / getting closer to the edges and corners our situation getting worse as well.../

On the traditional chess-board there is only one way from a particular place to get the enemy’s particular figure. For example: with the Rook, Queen and with the Bishop there is only one way to attack or protect a particular figure.

In the other hand on the Globe-chessboard, with the same figures we would have more opportunities to reach our aim. We can easily assure 2 other ways but there is also 2 more ways which can be reached on all 4 sides of the globe.

The Globe-chess is a store house of unlimited opportunities. Such new variants will come across which require a higher level of thinking and creativity. The ability to think in 3D is definitively in need. The straight result of it , is a brand-new chess theory „The Globe – chess” which has been already published.



Sports field – specifically the theoretical, experimental and practical feasibility areas of the modern game of chess



This revolutionary new theory of „CHESS“ gives a possibility to improve the conscious mind of any individual. This kind of various and embranchment opportunities specifically could develop the capability of the player. Certain advanced levels reach ability is given, which can be useful in other areas of life too.


Stage of development.



Documentation available:

„The basis of the Globe-chess“ – written documentary which has been published in a book format: www.globechess.sk , info@globechess.sk


2.  The inventor (or inventors)





Self introduction.

50 years old, he lives in the Gemer-Malohont region,  researcher of the history and theoretical issues of the game of chess and the inventor of the Globe-chess theory.


Owner of the invention?



3.  Protection


Patent Status:

The first patent was protected on the ÚRAD PRO VYNÁLEZY A OBJEVY - PRAHA under the number 30. 04. 1987, (Globe-chess) Šachovnica tr.21/01.1 č.18298





Countries where it is in force

Czech republic 1987, Slovakia 1993


4.      Business intention

Establish commerce relations /production, product introduction