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Last update: November 24, 2005


Excellence Award

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July 20, 2000. IFIA Website was one of the recipients of this annual
Excellence Award given for the first time in 2000. In so doing, the
Inventors Association
, which grouped at the time around 50 local American
associations, recognized IFIA's efforts to "inform, educate and connect

independent inventors".


IFIA Website highly ranked

Patent Café
, the world's leading gateway on inventions and inventors, has ranked IFIA
web site
Top of the list (only website with select_one_star.gif (95 bytes)select_one_star.gif (95 bytes)select_one_star.gif (95 bytes) = BEST) under "National and International
associations supporting Inventors".

, considered the best search engine in the world, has ranked IFIA web site Top First
out of a list of about 385,000. searches under "inventors + associations", and again
Top First out of a list of 1,570,000 searches under "invention" + "associations"

Google also rated IFIA website, together with two other USA websites, 8th Top of its list of
organizations in the field of invention & innovation.

Some Quotes

A window on the global community of inventors! A great resource for finding international
connections and getting a worldwide perspective on invention and creativity
(United Inventors Association (UIA-USA))

Great resource for finding useful connections around the world. Humour, cartoons on inventions.
(IP menu Phillips Ormonde & Fitzpatrick, Patent Attorneys, Australia and New Zealand)

A great way to engage students in technological design. (Re IFIA-Youth Page)
(Top list of 5 "first-rate sites", on "inventions", by Cathy Ney for Montgomery County Public
Schools, Virginia, USA.)

(…) is a "must visit". It has links to inventor related resources all over the world.
Now featuring a shop window for new inventions.

(Website of the National Innovation Centre (New Zealand))



Argus Insights, Inc., a reputable USA full-service market research firm, published
end of 2000 the first industry white paper on intellectual property (IP) exchange
sites (IP Sites 2000) that serves as a road map for IP professionals.  The updated
version of 2001 (released on March 1, 2001) included detailed information on IFIA's
webpage entitled Inventions Store (IFIS).


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