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Ali Farzat (Syria)

Published by IFIA
the International Federation of
Inventors' Associations
Budapest, Hungary

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First published   June 25,  2002
Updated: May 16, 2006


Patent Costs
By John R. Orange (Toronto, Canada)
Lecture given at the WIPO Conference on the International Patent System,
Geneva, Switzerland, March 26, 2002.


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Note by IFIA. Excellent analysis. Figures are given in Canadian dollars. The example used by the author was for a simple mechanical invention and the costs should be interpreted in that light. Something more complex technically or procedurally will of course increase the costs
WIPO Advisory Body Speaks Out
May 5, 2000
(in English , French and Spanish)



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50%+  Patent fee reductions in favor of independent inventors
List of countries (Patent Offices) offering such reductions. Table established and updated by IFIA.


For a 50% reduction of certain PCT fees in favor of independent inventor ...
Proposal submitted by IFIA to the WIPO Committee on Reform of the PCT, on June 15, 2002.

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Towards a PCT fee reduction in favor of independent inventors?
Article by Dr. Farag Moussa, President of IFIA, published in PatentCafe Online Magazine (USA), June 26, 2002

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