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Participants of the Final of World Cup of CIIs are inventors who were qualified by semifinals and the member of CAI selected CIIs.   A patent application which was registered in the XXI Century (since year 2000) is a requirement. Participants must be members of an IFIA organization.



Authorized inventors on semifinals (see the list) and best CIIs selected by China Association of Inventions

Authorized participants 

1.      Australia / Bela Boros: Computer Program for controlling damage detecting and repairing robots

2.      Bosnia-Herzegovina / Anto Spajić: Chiral Keyboard

3.      Bosnia-Herzegovina / Darko Dujmović: Device for information selling

4.      Bulgaria / JIVKO JELEV: Encrypted micro fingerprint against counterfeit

5.      Croatia / MARKO VELIĆ, MIROSLAV NOVAK, MARKO OREŠKOVIĆ, Padavić: Navigation for blinds

6.      Croatia / Miho Klaić: CNC Stone carving machine

7.      Croatia / Mladen Banović, Vilko Cindrić, Rajko Gardijan, Zdenko Godec, Samir Keitoue, Antun Mikulecky, Miroslav Poljak, Ivan Murat, Ivan Tomić, Bakir Đonlagić, Božo Pavlović, Ante Elez, Boris Takač, Andrijana Čolak: Generator-transformer Block Monitoring System

8.      Croatia / Zlatko Stapić i Padavić Ivan: Smart ECG

9.      Hungary / Damjanovich Imre dr.: Information system for transportation of dangerous materials

10.  Hungary / FRIWALDSZKY Gyula and Teréz: Parking Tower

11.  Hungary / MARUZSI László: Offside signaling

12.  Hungary / OSBÁTH Sándor, OSBÁTH Sándor jun., ZALAI Tamás: Vehicle speed sign with memory

13.  Hungary / PIMPER István: The 3D printing of the results of medical diagnostic picture-making

14.  Hungary / SZÖLLÖSY János: Non destructive testing of metals

15.  Hungary /.SZUNAI Miklós: ECO-House

16.  Iran / Hamid Rezaeian, Alireza Rastegar Abbasalizadeh): Talking Fingers (or Talking Glove)

17.  Iran / Molavi Vardanjani): A Kind of advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology

18.  Iran / Saeed Safeghpour Vajdi, Mr. Ramin Farjad, Mr. Arman Bahri: E-Accessibility for Iranian Visually impaired

19.  Kuwait /.Sabah Al-Nasser Al-Sabah: RCN System

20.  Malaysia / Dr. Ishak ARIS, Zainab HASAN, Maaspaliza AZRI, M. K. HASSAN, A. C. HARITH and Shamsuddin Mohd AMIN: Software System for Detecting Defective Symbols on Micro Chip with Adjustable Readability Level

21.  Moldavia / Ion COVALENCO: Method and apparatus of audio channel control to motor vehicles

22.  Nigeria / Esuong Michael Nyong: Curtain

23.  Philippines / Elmer P. Dadios: DANSPORTY Dancing and Sporty Robots System

24.  Philippines / Roel John C. Judilla, Virgilio L. Malang dr.: SMART Bomb Disposal Robot

25.  Poland / Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements: RENUS 1 Mechatronic active rehabilitation assistance system for stroke or othopedic patients

26.  Poland / J. DOBRODZIEJ, J. WOJUTUNSKI, J. RATAJSKI, T. SUSZKO, J. MICHALSKI: Computer-aided projecting of gas nitriding processes

27.  Poland / Zbigniew MOTYKA: UV radiometer for workplaces

28.  Russia / D.A. Usanov, An.V. Skripal, T.B. Usanova, Al.V. Skripal, A.V. Abramov: Computer Video technologies for Diagnostics and Treatment of Eye Nystagmus

29.  Russia / Kekelipze Valeriy, Kostin Valentin: Institute of Control Sciences RAS

30.  Russia / L..D. Usanova, A.D. Usanova, A.I. Borisov, A.V.Skripal: The Method of Reproduction of Musical Composition in Color and Color music Center

31.  Russia / Peskov A.B., Stuchebnikov V.M: 01 MIDA electropuncture complex

32.  Russia / Sergei VYSOCHIN, Yuri SMIRNOV: Systems for control of modern industrial shops, “Zenith SPPS“

33.  Russia / Solovykh E., Ishutin D., Arutyunov S.: Device for integrated study of the vegetative nervous system

34.  Saudi Arabia / Khaled Mahdi Alrasheed: Sleeping Driver Alert System

35.  Sri Lanka / Kariyawasam Don Nandasiri Weerasinghe prof., Mudalige Don Hiranya Jayasanka senvirathna: Automatic rainfall recording system

36.  Sudan / Mohamed SHELLAL: Exams Booklet Preparing Machine

37.  Taiwan / Andy Liu, Hiro Hsiung, Judy Wu, Nina Wang, Rico Zeng: OPTI-Solar

38.  Taiwan / Bao Jia Huang, Yi Hwan Shyr, Po Shun Chen, Meng You Tsia, Jia Lun Deng, Tian You Huang, Shu Chi Wu, Rong Xuan Wang: Business 2 E-Sytems

39.  Taiwan / Chia-Hang Lee, Wen-Chuan Cheng: Hyper Chameleon Liquid-crystal Display

40.  Thailand / Pentida Tipyotha dr., Siriwan Suebnukarn dr.: COMET An Intelligent Tutoring System for Medical Problem-Based Learning


Evaluation, jury and awards

The evaluation of Computer Implemented Inventions will be based on presentations at final. First the inventions will be evaluated in a virtual way, according to their inventiveness - criteria “A” (where the main aspect is the quality of the computer program) with a weight of 35 %, possible future benefits - criteria “B” with a weight of 35 %.

The Jury will make a score list of inventions based criteria “A” and “B” before the presentation of inventions. The quality of the actual presentation is the criteria “C” with a weight of 30 %. The presentation will be judged when the computer implemented invention will be shown at final.

The Jury panel consists of IFIA specialists of Computer Implemented Inventions.


The IFIA World Cup of CII will be the highest recognition for the best individual competitor and IFIA World Cup of CII. The other qualified inventors and teams will receive other prizes.



IFIA Office covers the general costs and the costs of the judging, and the main prizes.

The host of final covers the general costs of booths.

The participants (IFIA members) cover the costs of preparations and presentations including travel and transportation. Evaluated participants will receive 1000USD compensation from IFIA Office.


Conditions for presenting

The exhibition space (1x2 m/items) for competitors to show their CII inventions.


What is a Computer Implemented Invention (CII)? > > > an answer here

EPO brochure about CIIs and their patents (pdf format):


EU story of CII protection > > > here

Wikipedia about CII protection > > > here

What is the World Cup of CIIs?

This is an IFIA project > > >  World Cup of CIIs 


This is a world wide competition, exhibition, and business event for Computer Implemented Inventions (CIIs), organized by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) connected international inventions exhibitions.

The participation system is:

To show CII on a regional Semifinal:


1.      Asia, Africa and Australia Semifinal – connected INST Invention Show and Technomart Taipei, September 27-30, 2007

2.      Europe and America Semifinal – connected IENA Nuremberg, November 1-4, 2007


The judged CIIs from America, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and China Association of Inventions (CAI) team will be authorized participants in the Final.


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