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Last Update
December 4, 2007


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Show: International Trade Fair »Ideas-Inventions -New Products«
Show Date: November 1st - 4th 2007
Venue: Exhibition Centre Nuremberg


The conditions of IFIA members' presentation:

  •  The IFIA members received  free booths to show their inventions thanks to the support of IFIA Office.



Qualified CIIs for the Final in 2008: 

  1. Bosnia-Herzegovina / Anto Spajić: Chiral Keyboard

  2. Bosnia-Herzegovina / Darko Dujmović: Device for information selling

  3. Bulgaria / JIVKO JELEV: Encrypted microfingerprint against counterfeit

  4. Croatia / Zlatko Stapić i Padavić Ivan: Smart ECG

  5. Croatia / MARKO VELIĆ, MIROSLAV NOVAK, MARKO OREŠKOVIĆ, Padavić: Navigation for blinds

  6. Croatia / Miho Klaić: CNC Stone carving machine

  7. Croatia / Mladen Banović, Vilko Cindrić, Rajko Gardijan, Zdenko Godec, Samir Keitoue, Antun Mikulecky, Miroslav Poljak, Ivan Murat, Ivan Tomić, Bakir Đonlagić, Božo Pavlović, Ante Elez, Boris Takač, Andrijana Čolak: Generator-trasformer Block Monitoring System

  8. Hungary / MARUZSI László: Offside signaling

  9. Hungary /.SZUNAI Miklós: ECO-House

  10. Hungary / Damjanovich Imre dr.: Information system for transportation of dangerous materials

  11. Hungary / SZÖLLÖSY János: Non destructive testing of metals

  12. Hungary / FRIWALDSZKY Gyula and Teréz: Parking Tower

  13. Hungary / PIMPER István: The 3D printing of the results of medical diagnostic picture-making

  14. Hungary / OSBÁTH Sándor, OSBÁTH Sándor jun., ZALAI Tamás: Vehicle speed sign with memory

  15. Moldavia / Ion COVALENCO: Method and apparatus of audio channel control to motor vehicles

  16. Malaysia / Dr. Ishak ARIS, Zainab HASAN, Maaspaliza AZRI, M. K. HASSAN, A. C. HARITH and Shamsuddin Mohd AMIN: Software System for Detecting Defective Symbols on Micro Chip with Adjustable Readability Level

  17. Kuwait /.Sabah Al-Nasser Al-Sabah: RCN System

  18. Poland / J. DOBRODZIEJ, J. WOJUTUNSKI, J. RATAJSKI, T. SUSZKO, J. MICHALSKI: Computer-aided projecting of gas nitriding processes

  19. Poland / Zbigniew MOTYKA: UV radiometer for workplaces

  20. Poland / Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements: RENUS 1 Mechatronic active rehabilitation assistance system for stroke or othopedic patients

  21. Russia / Sergei VYSOCHIN, Yuri SMIRNOV: Systems for control of modern industrial shops, “Zenith SPPS“

  22. Russia / Peskov A.B., Stuchebnikov V.M: 01 MIDA electropuncture complex

  23. Russia / L..D. Usanova, A.D. Usanova, A.I. Borisov, A.V.Skripal: The Method of Reproduction of Musical Composition in Color and Colormusic Center

  24. Russia / D.A. Usanov, An.V. Skripal, T.B. Usanova, Al.V. Skripal, A.V. Abramov: Computer Videotechnologies for Diagnostics and Treatment of Eye Nystagmus

  25. Russia / Kekelipze Valeriy, Kostin Valentin: Institute of Contorl Sciences RAS

  26. Russia / Solovykh E., Ishutin D., Arutyunov S.: Device for integrated study of the vegetative nervous system

  27. Sudan / Mohamed SHELLAL: Exams Booklet Preparing Machine


IFIA Gold Medal for the best CII on Semifinal

Russia / D.A. Usanov, An.V. Skripal, T.B. Usanova, Al.V. Skripal, A.V. Abramov: Computer Videotechnologies for Diagnostics and Treatment of Eye Nystagmus

CII booth

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