IFIA International Innovation Conference and Seminar

August 10-11 2007, Budapest

Report and Virtual Presentations

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   NEW! September 5,  2007  Seminar, new video films


 IFIA delegates and VIP guests:


Husein Hujic                                       Bosnia-Herzegovina

Pavao Havlicek                                   Croatia

Gérard de Villeroche                           France

Laszló Kovács                                    Hungary

Tivadar Lippényi dr.                            Hungary

Mihály Ficsor                                      Hungary

Krisztina Székely                                Hungary

Károly Szegő dr.                                Hungary

Ilona Vass dr.                                     Hungary

Alireza Rastegar Abbasalizadeh           Iran

Hamid Rezaeian                                  Iran

Yap Mew Sang                                  Malaysia

Wouter Pijzel                                      Netherlands

Adam Rylski                                       Poland

Plesa Octavian dr.                               Romania

Vitéz Károly                                       Serbia

Lennart Nilson                                    Sweden

Shyr, Yi-Hwan                                    Taiwan

Chen, Fei-Chuan                                Taiwan

Shih, Hsuan-Yi                                   Taiwan

Cheng, Ya-Feng                                 Taiwan

Wu, Chen-Yi                                      Taiwan

Lin, Yi-Jing                                         Taiwan

Chien, Yun-Ting                                 Taiwan

Liu, Yu-Chieh                                     Taiwan

Ron P. Wacks                                    USA

David Morfesi, VIP                            USA

Michal Swantner                                 WIPO


Participants: 132 persons


Venue: Hungarian Patent Office (HPO), Garibaldi u 2, Budapest V.


August 10, Friday, council room

VIPs’ (Speakers and IFIA ExCo members and head of IFIA delegates) welcome and press conference

Equal chances for the smalls at the innovation

IFIA Declaration 2007 (Budapest, January 22, 2007) expressed the necessity of Community patent in EU.

Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council "Enhancing the patent system in Europe" (Brussels, April 3, 2007): "The Commission of the European Communities is of the opinion that the creation of a single Community patent continues to be a key objective for Europe " > > > full text of the Communication


Medias: Hír TV, Duna TV, Magyar Rádió, Info Rádió, Lánchíd Rádió, MTI, Napi Gazdaság, Népszabadság


August 10, Friday, aula

Award Ceremony; Prizes of Geneva, Kuala Lumpur and Warsaw international invention exhibitions to IFIA members (Iran, Saudi-Arabia, Russia, Romania, Taiwan and Hungary) with congratulations of László Kovács, European Commission, Commissar

List of the awarded Hungarian inventors > > > here



Mr. Kovács congratulates Mrs. Darázs (Hungary)                          Mr. James Su rewards Mr. Pimper (Hungary)




"Pro Inventore Prize" (Hungary, 2007) winner: Dr. Ilona Vass



 "How is the Innovation in the Age of Globalization?" International Conference


Virtual Presentations


Keynote lecture:

“EU Taxation and Innovation” (László Kovács, European Commission, Commissar) Video of his lecture > > > here (wmv format)



Lászlo Kovács EU Commissar


“The European Patent System” (Mihály Ficsor dr., Hungarian Patent Office, Vice-President). Video of this lecture > > > here (wmv format) > > > PowerPoint presentation


 Dr. Mihály Ficsor


“The Regional Innovation and Global Economy” (Tivadar Lippényi dr., National Research and Technology Office, Hungary, Vice President) Video of this lecture > > > here (wmv format) > > > PowerPoint slides



 Dr. Tivadar Lippényi


“The Science and the Innovation” (Károly Szegő dr., Head of the Innovation Section of Hungarian Academy of Sciences) > > > Video (wmv) > > > PowerPoint presentation



Dr. Károly Szegő


“The Innovation and the Microbusinesses” (Ron P. Wacks, American Association of Microbusinesses, President Emeritus); His lecture > > > here (pdf) > > > Video (wmv)


 Ron P. Wacks


The role of pharmaceutical innovation” (Krisztina Székely, Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, AIPM, President) > > > Video (wmv) > > > PowerPoint presentation


 Krisztina Székely


“The American Inventors Protection Act” (David Morfesi, USPTO) > > > Video (wmv) > > > PowerPoint presentation


 David Morfesi



„Three Men (Inventor, Innovator and Investor) in a Boat” International Seminar


Virtual Presentations


August 11, Saturday 9-18 h. „Corvin” Ship on the Danube River (Blue Danube). Ship route: Budapest – Szentendre – Visegrád - Budapest


Keynote lecture:

Vedres, András dr. IFIA: The Inventions and the Globalization: Innovation potential by countries (in pdf format)


Keynote lecture on the "Corvin" ship > > > NEW! video, wmv file

Innovation examples, short presentations:

1.      NEW! Husein Hujic, Bosnia-Herzegovina: About the new IFIA work > > > video, wmv file

2.      NEW! Gérard de Villeroche, France: Car GPS System > > > video, wmv file

3.    Dutkay, György, Hungary: New elevated heat resistant insulating materials and its technology on the electric motor parts production > > > PowerPoint presentation

4.      Fejér, Péter, Hungary: New Horizons of Three Dimensional Photo Imaging > > > PowerPoint presentation

5.      Hűvös, Ágnes, Hungary: Research and/or Innovation - A Pair of Twins > > > PowerPoint presentation

6.      Kazár Gábor – Rátai Dániel, Hungary: Leonar3Do System > > > PowerPoint presentation

7.      Kálmán Viktor, Hungary: Vehicle dynamics sensor, based on optical flow

8.      Kuthi, Zoltán, Hungary: Alarm phone system > > > PowerPoint presentation

9.      Nádas Béla dr., Hungary: Kettős dugattyús mechanizmus > > > PowerPoint presentation

10. Naswan, Khaled dr., Hungary: Treatment of vasoconstriction by Nashwan - Parasoud device > > >  PowerPoint presentation

11.  Osbáth, Sándor, Hungary: Közúti sebesség kijelző tábla adatelemzéssel

12.  Papp György – Kecsmár János dr, Hungary: Drink with Capsaicin and Humic acid complex > > > info (doc)

13.  Raisz, Péter dr., Hungary: Electro-chemical purification of water > > > PowerPoint presentation

14.  NEW! Yap Mew Sang, Malaisya: Two-former tiers conveyor dipping system for gloves manufacturing > > > video, wmv file and > > > PowerPoint presentation

15.  NEW! Wouter Pijzel, Netherland: Innovating with the 3 X S + B method > > > video, wmv file and > > > PowerPoint presentation

16. Thész János - Boros Béla - Király Zoltán: Novel Biofuel > > > PowerPoint presentation

17. NEW! Mihaly Svantner, WIPO: Message > > > video, wmv file


Szentendre, sightseeing (Visits: Art-Mill; “Magic” – Thematic exhibition of more than hundred sculptor's more than two hundred artworks made of stone, wood, iron, glass and bronze and „Szamos Marzipan Museum”)


NEW! Video film (excursions) > > > wmv file here





The ship is coming


Mr. and Mrs. Captain


Participants on the lower deck


A Discussion on the upper deck (bio-diesel group)


Husein Hujic (Bosnia-Herzegovina)


Gérard de Villeroche (France) and Lennart Nilson (Sweden)


János Kóka greets inventors


Students from Taiwan and a magic statue


Inventor visit at "Szamos Marzipan Museum"


A marzipan coach


Castle of Visegrád


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