Ref. No: VA146/29/06/2007


Circular No: 5


Subject: IFIA activity in the second part of year 2007


Dear IFIA Member,


First of all I great the new IFIA members: National Research Council of Thailand, Minnesota Inventors Congress (MN, USA), and Yankee Inventions Exposition Inc. (CT, USA)

We start the second part of year 2007 now. I hope that the IFIA members will intensify their activity. I ask you to take part in the under mentioned IFIA projects:


IFIA International Innovation Conference and Seminar: "How is the Innovation in the Age of Globalization?" (August 10-11 2007, Budapest)

Program: innoglob\program.htm

IFIA Office covers the cost of hotel (3 nights, August 9-11) and participation fee for ExCo members, head of delegations and speakers. We are waiting for the application of speakers (only one person/IFIA organization) who are show innovated inventions (5-10 min.) on the Seminar.

Deadline of application for free hotel room and indication of “Innovation Example” presentation is: July 12 (to


World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions – Semifinal and regular invention show in Taipei

IFIA will organize this world wide competition, exhibition, and business event for Computer Implemented Inventions: Semifinal: for Asia, Africa and Australia (September 27-30, Taipei) connected to “INST” regular invention show. Semifinal for Europe and America will be organised on November 1-4, Nuremberg, connected to “IENA” (Leaflet will be separately sent).

IFIA will provide free booths (3x3 m) for its member organizations from Asia, Africa and Australia to show their CIIs and more one free booth (3x3m) to present regular inventions in Taipei. IFIA members from Europe and America will receive one free booth (3x3 m) to show regular items in Taipei. All head of IFIA delegation will receive free accommodation (5 nights) in Taipei. Deadline of application for free booths and hotels is: July 15.

I would like to ask the IFIA members: collect CIIs in their countries and assist to prepare the application forms ( which have to be sent to the IFIA Office please.


Other invention presentations for IFIA members

The next international invention exhibitions are open to show inventions on IFIA collective booth (free of charge) or to participate by own booth: ARCAZagreb (11-16 September) Festival International de l’InnovationMerignac (France, 21-24 September), INVENTICA–Bucharest (2-6 October) YANKEE–Waterbury CT USA (12-13 October) and International Invention Show–Belgrade (28-29 November). Send please your registering as soon as possible to (to



Finally, the basic of any cooperation with IFIA is the membership, which is indicated by paid member fee. May I ask you to pay by remittance to IFIA bank use our IBAN code: CH15 0027 9279 C8-108.868.2. This way is simple, cheaper and faster than a bank check.

I am waiting for your applications. I hope you can find Computer Implemented Inventions to participate on the World Cup from your country.


Sincerely yours,




András Vedres IFIA President