40th IFIA Jubilee Celebration


16-21 October, 2008 - Suzhou, China

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October 4,  2008 


China Association of Inventions

International Federation of Inventors' Associations

Government of Suzhou City

NEW! Agreement about the preparation works of  the Inventor Festival between IFIA and CAI > > > here



The 2008 is important year for the inventors' movement.

  • IFIA was founded in 1968. The fortieth birthday of IFIA is in 2008.

  • 2008 is the year of the IFIA General Assembly.

Therefore we organize "INVENTOR FESTIVAL" to celebrate inventors and their world wide organization, the 40 years old International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA). The hosts of this festival are China, and the greatest inventors organization, the China Association of Invention (CAI) and Government of Suzhou City. The venue of "INVENTOR FESTIVAL" is Suzhou City which is one of the most beautiful Chinese city and one of the most important Chinese innovation region near Saghay. The date is 16-21 October, 2008.


The venue of the "INVENTOR FESTIVAL" is the Suzhou Expo Center > > > website   > > > video presentation


The INVENTOR FESTIVAL in Suzhou will be the largest innovation event of history; 2000 Chinese inventions and 1000 inventions from other part of the world will be presented. The participants will come from more then 50 countries. The motto of this event:




We cordially invite the inventors and the innovators and all partners of them as the representatives of the intellectual property authorities, the patent attorneys, the governmental innovation offices and the business circles of course to celebrate the forces of future together.

The parts of the event

  1. 6th International Exhibition Inventions new Techniques and Products - 16-19 October (Suzhou) and final of the World Cup of the Computer Implemented Inventions - sponsored by Microsoft

  2. IFIA Jubilee Celebration - 17 October (Suzhou)

  3. Conference titled "The Future"- 18 October (Suzhou)

  4. IFIA General Assembly - 18 October (Suzhou)

  5. Youth Innovation Base, Opening Ceremony  - 20 October (Sanghay)

Support for IFIA members from the organizers:

  1. Full equipped booths, total 1000 square meters

  2. 2 double rooms/IFIA delegation

  3. Reduced hotel accommodation (prize: 40 USD/room for all guests too)

  4. 500 USD fly ticket compensation/IFIA delegation from least developed countries

    (according to the UN list dated 2008; 49 countries)

Applications (by e-mail to :

Booth reservation - Deadline: 19 July

Information about presenting invention - Deadline: 15 August  - Here is > > >  the Submission Form which must to send

Participation on Conference "The Future" - Deadline: 15 August

Hotel reservation - Deadline: 31 August

We, the organizers provide the best conditions for all participants and we are at everybody's service,

China Association of Inventions, International Federation of Inventors' Associations and Government of Suzhou City