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Report - 2009

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 December 31, 2009


The IFIA against the world financial crisis:

In the background of the present global economy crisis there is a social-ethical crisis, confusion about the basic values in the economy. This confusion is about the separation of financial and real economic processes, a deficit in the democratic character of the economy (the oppression of “smalls”), and the problem of invention and innovation.
One characteristic factor of the latter is the devaluation of inventions: neglecting the process of creating new solutions.

IFIA Anti-Crisis Declaration was issued by the ExCo on 11 September 2009, Budapest. Declaration > > > here

IFIA's main anti-crisis activity is thus about stressing the importance of inventions in general, and presenting new inventions, specifically. The IFIA would like to deliberate its motto:

“Inventors – Inventions – Innovation – Prosperity".

For this reason IFIA organized the following series of events see below.

IFIA has decided to fully support the activities of the EU in the framework of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation > > > EU news  therefore European IFIA Official exhibitions were part of this project European Year of Creativity & Innovation . Cultural rode show in Europe connected to European Year of Creativity & Innovation  which is sponsored by IFIA > > > more info


Work 2009

January 9-10, 2009, Budapest

ExCo Meeting > > > minutes here

Video film about Suzhou, Kuwait, Seoul intern. inventions exhibitions in 2008 and ExCo meeting, seminar in Budapest 2009 > > > here


February 2-5, Bangkok

2nd International Inventors’ Day Convention (exhibition and conference)

IFIA Office will organize a collective presentation of IFIA members and to show cartoon and stamp exhibitions with support of the NRCT.

Report > > > report


May 1-5, Seoul

Korean International Women Inventor Exhibition

Free booth for IFIA members and free hotel for IFIA leaders.


June 1-3, Warsaw


Free collective booth for IFIA.


July 15-20, Damascus

Al-Basel International Invention Fair

Free booth for IFIA members and free hotel for IFIA leaders. The ExCo informal meeting on July 18, organizing of the IFIA Arab Network - See reports > > > here


August 26-29, Moscow

International Salon of Innovations and Investments > > > website

Free booth (6 sqm) for IFIA members


September 9-13, Budapest

GENIUS - EUROPE International Invention Fair and International Forum of Graduates

Free booth for IFIA members and free hotel for IFIA leaders and garduates.

Opening Ceremony of GENIUS events > > > video report here   GENIUS Banquet, singing of IFIA delegates > > > video report here

Initiation of the new Commander of the International Order of Merit the Inventors: Dr. Farag Moussa > > > video report here


September 11, Budapest

The second part of ExCo meeting

Info about this meeting > > > here


September 16-20, Zagreb

ARCA International Fair of Inventions

Free booth for IFIA members.


November 5-8, Nuremberg


IFIA collective design presentation: "Cloths of Inventions" Free IFIA collective booth for 20 items.


December 3-9, Seoul

Seoul International Invention Fair - SIIF

Free booth for IFIA members and free hotel for IFIA leaders.



Short film on former WIPO Director General, Árpád Bogsch > > > here on the WIPO website

The copyright of the video film "Property of Intellect – Portrait of Árpád BOGSCH" belongs to the International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA).

Welcome the new members of year 2009:

Yemen Inventors Federation and South African Inventors Association > > > Self introducing. Yemen is 87th and South Africa is 88th IFIA country!