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IFIA Presentation

1./ Presentation of IFIA activity:

 IFIA is the universal acronym for the International Federation of Inventors' Associations.

IFIA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization created by seven European inventor associations in 1968. Today, its membership belongs to 83 countries. IFIA is the only organization which groups inventors associations worldwide, and a unique spokesman for inventors.

IFIA enjoys observer status at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), as well as observer status (Special Category - Technology) at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), both based in Geneva, Switzerland.  IFIA is also a member of the Standing Advisory Committee before the European Patent Office (SACEPO), in Munich, Germany.

IFIA'S OBJECTIVES are to improve the status of inventors at national and international levels, and to promote cooperation between inventor associations.


2./ Patenting in Europe:

 Introduction of European Patent Office and SBG&K law office



3./ Selected inventions of IFIA European members (21 items):

Bosnia & Herzegovina

SIBIH Association of Inventors in Bosnia & Herzegovina



Performances calculated by its inventor (professor at the University, researcher) and, especially, proven by prototype carried out sufficiently precisely to be as well convincing as reassuring, show that this engine offers advantages which exceed up to 25% essential qualities of the existing rotary engines. The axes of the piston and cylinder being eccentric one towards the other, the admission and the exhaust are done using three (or four) plates posed longitudinally on the piston, constantly slipping (under the pressure of the springs and centrifugal force) against the walls of the room so as to ensure the sealing and functions by phases.



Thanks to the applied materials (hardness 50 Rockwel min.), as well as to a sophisticated construction and hardly accessible positioning in the steering shaft, this lock allows almost 100% security against theft of personal cars and big vehicles. The shape of the lock key is also unique, impossible to be copied.



This invention relates to any glass or plastic pane (windows on buildings, vehicles, planes, ships...), as well as to glass covering the greenhouses: any pane can be in e few seconds changing color, according to the wish of the observer/user. Technical solution consists in the fact the panes are compounded of double glasses, separated from 1 mm each other: the observer/user is squirting the chosen color, in shades from transparent to the opaque one. The invention allows possibility to squiert the warm water, what is of first importance for drivers trying to defrost the car windows.     



This engine serves for cleaning, sanding and painting of all large ferromagnetic surfaces, such as ships, steam-tugs, ferries, petrol carriers, reservoirs… Whereas today at least a whole month is needed for such a task, less than a day is required to complete the same task by using this engine (not bigger than 100 x 80 x 40 cm).



The essence of this invention is seen in special properties of applied materials and in the appropriated construction of the tanks. The invention allows an absolute security of tanks intended for utilization, safekeeping or transportation of fluids which, in the case of unforeseen outpourings (fire, accident), could endanger human life and environment.



Association of Croatian Inventors presents:



With currently available diving fins it is extremely impractical and dangerous to walk on the shore. During underwater works or any kind of need of diver for walking on the bottom of the sea, currently available diving fins make it almost impossible, except if they are taken off, which is very dangerous. For military divers or divers that combine diving and repeated walking on the shore, there is only one solution, to stow the fins or carry them.

We offer an effective solution to this problem:

The same design of the front part of the fin (in front of the toes). Our con­cept can be used on all types of the front parts of the fins.

Resistance of the foot part of the fin is significantly reduced and hydrody­namics of this part is improved.

Folding of the fin below the knee must be performed in one step for a maximum of 5 seconds. The same applies for returning the fin to the “swimming” position.

When in the “walking” position, the fin enables normal walking on any kind of surface, both on shore and in the sea.

In the “swimming” position, load and forces on the foot, which occur dur­ing swimming, are equally arranged on the foot and there are no excessive loads on any particular parts of the foot.

The complete fin is simpler to produce compared to similar fins that are currently available on the market. It is possible to use previous moulds (with minimal modifications) to produce our fins.

Diving boots demand certain changes, so can be used with these fins.



Possibility to choose 16 various frequencies, tones and sound intensities

Possibility to use high frequencies (ultrasound)

Possibility to use low frequencies (it could be heard to long distances)

Possibility to choose various sounds with click sound regulator

All sound are placed in one circle (turn) of the sound regulator

Use of numerated regulator with 16 divisions, because of accurate choice of wanted sound in every moment

Fast and accurate finding of wanted sounds



This invention refers to a cooling system for various electronic devices, which are heated during work and use air flow for cooling. It can be used for various electronic devices, but its primary use is for cooling system of a personal computer (PC).

Mutual integration of a work table and personal computer is until now made in minimal form, like conducting the computer power supply. The problem of aesthetical nature remains, because the cables were not integrated (hidden) or at least placed in suitable cable channels.

This technical solution, combines existing cooling systems in a new system. The closed cooling system is used, so the noise of flowing medium (air) can be eliminated. It can be said, that the best characteristics of conventional cooling (air, standard elements, no compatibility problem), water cooling (closed system without the dust, noiseless work) and top design were used.



SIPOK system for laying down streetcar tracks on the segmented rests with continued concrete background, can be used to make either new or re­construction of existing streetcar tracks. During reconstruction of existing tracks, the SIPOK system enables slow streetcar traffic. Project and design determine unique physical characteristics of the element’s materials used for laying the tracks, necessary for optimal energy absorption when the wheel meets the track, respectively its distribution into elements of lay­ing system as energy capacity. With this specially designed laying system, a working life of at least 20 years is achieved, for straight tracks, and with a workload of 70 kN.



Devices for vehicle towing with automatic multistage regulation of rati­on between forces and masses…one sided…two sided without jerk action, is characterised with unique and inviting (without service) construction, which enables complete independence of longitudinal turning and height position of both vehicles, with technology of a high level. For both sides with multistage without jerk action, regardless of whether the towed ve­hicle is pulled or pushed in front, and with precise (less than a millimetre) regulation of joints of vehicle and devices elements, etc.

They represent, one can say, international project and collaboration of in­dustrial and other parties, with commercial name Rex 1. and Rex 2. - under international sponsorship of USA Holding.

Projects are in progress, to introduce this project to over 60 countries thro­ughout the world. It is considered as the project with the best concept, in the history of the peripheral automotive industry (auto accessories are not included), and therefore it was awarded with the Gold Letter patent and Grand Gold Medal (USA Corp.).

It has quality of merchandise attests, Recommendations for use from large insurance companies, practical attest and recommendation from the Croa­tian auto club (HAK - member of FIA). Among other things, it is necessary to include unique official recommendations and opinions from the Depar­tment of traffic of the Republic of Croatia - taking into account the use and possession of this unique device.

The production of the device is in progress - Patent claims in Croatia - pro­ject and models registered - Inter. Priority




Association of Hungarian Inventors


Szabolcs Darázs dr. deceased: Skill building folding toy

This is an origami-like, foam-textile folding sheets with coloured surface and studs to fix , for creating folded figures which encourage the children to invent further characters with the help of an attached story-book and folding instruction.


Péter Gara, dr. – Domonkos Hollósi: Disposable paperboard potty

Disposable potty for children, the potty made of paperboard, with a special die-cutted form, pre-folded and packed.


László Hoffmann: Silicate granules from glass waste (Geofil bubbles)

Geofil bubbles are manufactured via proprietary recycling technique of solid wastes with high glass contents. Wastes can contain different organic and inorganic components, other than glass too. Products are lightweight granules of 5-25 mm, primarily dedicated for heat and sound insulation structures with a special feature of strongly adhering to gypsum and concrete matrices.


Khaled NASHWAN dr.: Device for treating patients afflicted with angiopathy by sound waves

The new device produces a mixture of infrasound, audible sound and ultrasound waves (1 Hz – 100 kHz) with intensity 0.06 W/cm2. These sound waves are affected blood vessels by a special piezo-electronic head and by means of a gel and heat 30-45 degree of Celsius.


György Papp –János Krecsmár dr.: Disinfection of grey water

The grey water (used bath and washing water) is treated a special adsorbent which is impregnated silver and other compounds. This adsorbent is suitable for disinfection of textiles too.


Attila ZOLTAI dr. et al: Soft drinks containing capsaicin and other natural materials

The soft drinks are made from mineral water adding capsaicin and variable natural materials. These drinks protect the health, and prevent the fatness.




Chamber of Romanian Inventors


Radu Ioan MUNTEANU, Daniel MOGA, Radu Adrian MUNTEANU, Mihai Stelian MUNTEANU: System for indirect weighting

A system for indirect weighting that estimates the mass of an object based on the visual information extracted from multiple images


Alexandra Gabriela ENE, Carmen MIHAI, Adriana PETRESCU: Bioimplant for gastroenetrology and its accomplishing procedure

The invention refers to a bioimplant destined to the treatment of various cases of haernias and eventrations and to the procedure of its accomplishment.


Elena DAVID, Ioan STEFANESCU: Proceeding of decrease of the carbon dioxide emissions in environment

The proceeding consists  in capture and storage of carbon dioxide from different gaseous sources by a  hydrating process of the CO2 in water with high salts content, as sea water or brines, in the same time with the chemical transformation of the CO2 ,under the action of an enzymatic catalyst, which is extracted from plants and it is dosed  into the reaction environment, in solid and stable compounds, such as carbonates, harmless to environment and form huge CO2 sources or they can be used  as raw materials for the  obtaining of  construction materials.


Mircea MANOLESCU, Mircea CHITESCU: Individual Protection Module “S.U.P.E.R. Shelter”

Personal cocoon, extremely resistant, fully equipped for survival/rescue. Preserves life and body integrity in case of building collapse during earthquakes, tornadoes, terrorist attack, war actions



The invention refers to a actuator who carries out rotary movements as well as linear. The two movements can be carried out in an independent and simultaneous way too. It is used in the machine tools, the robots.



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