September 9-12, 2006 - Budapest Fair Center

GENIUS International Invention Fair - IFIA Exhibitions and Conference - ExCo meeting


IFIA Circular concerning the events

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New! November 12, 2006

The IFIA was organized together with the Hungarian Inventors Association the sixth GENIUS connected the 110th Budapest International Fair. This was comprised of four elements. The essential part was the GENIUS International Invention Fair. There were more then three hundred items presented by members of the IFIA from twenty countries. The goal of the presentation of inventions was to inform the potential consumers, to find business partners and to get recognitions.

The second part was two cultural exhibitions: the “CARTOONISTS & THEIR INVENTIONS” and the “STAMPS – INVENTORS & INVENTIONS” These had been popularized the invention.

The third element was a conference titled “The Condition of the Inventors”. This was an international assessment of the interest of the inventors.

The fourth element of this GENIUS was the IFIA’s Executive Committee meeting. The important decision was the establishing of  the IFIA’s European Inventors Network. Its important task will be to help out with the creation of common patents within the EU.

 The creation of these GENIUS events was largely able to succeed thanks to the help of the Hungarian Government, by the National Office for Research and Technology. Because of this support we were able to rent the halls and built the stands, and provide it free for the showing of the inventions. They also helped to organize the conference and gave monetary rewards for the outstanding creators. The Hungarian Patent Office is also our main sponsor and they covered all expenses for the printing house. The Gedeon Richter Co., S.B.G.&.K. Patent and Law Offices and Danubia Patent and Trademark Office gave important monetary help for the success of the GENIUS.

GENIUS International Invention Fair


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IFIA International Exhibitions

Stamps – Inventors & Inventions

Cartoonists & their Inventions

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Visit to Parliament     Parliament building
New! IFIA Conference

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IFIA ExCo meeting