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What is IFIA ?


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What is IFIA ?

IFIA Statutes > > > here in

IFIA is the universal acronym for the International Federation of Inventors' Associations.

IFIA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization created by seven European inventor associations in 1968. Today, its membership belong to more than 80 countries. (See also membership & Countries Represented).

IFIA is the only organization which groups inventors associations worldwide, and a unique spokesman for inventors.

IFIA enjoys observer status at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), as well as observer status (Special Category - Technology) at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), both based in Geneva, Switzerland.  IFIA is also a member of the Standing Advisory Committee before the European Patent Office (SACEPO), in Munich, Germany.

IFIA'S OBJECTIVES are to improve the status of inventors at national and international levels, and to promote cooperation between inventor associations.


publication of reference books, guides, surveys, studies

conferences, seminars, workshops, expert group meetings, lectures

competitions and awards for inventions

illustrative exhibits related to inventors & inventions

assistance in the creation of inventor associations

consultative services

creation of international networking among inventors

promotion of inventions through Internet



  • Rue Du 31-Décembre 8, 1207 Geneva / Switzerland
  • (+41) 22 736 59 49
  • (+41) 22 786 00 96
PRESIDENTMr. Alireza Rastegar IFIA President



  1. The IFIA Board of Directors is part of Secretariat of IFIA consisting four directors and IFIA President as chairman of this board
  2. Its mission is to guide and to assist the work of IFIA.
  3. Some particular action of director is done by President’s request.
  4. The some (accommodation and travel, etc) costs of director’s works are covered by IFIA budget.
  5. Nomination of directors is competence of the IFIA President. The mandate of directors is: period from 2011 to the General Assembly 2014.
  6. Director General is on of the directors


  1. The IFIA DG is member of Secretariat of IFIA and he is one of the tree directors forming with the IFIA President the director board.
  2. His mission is to guide and to assist the work of IFIA.
  3. Some particular action of DG is done by President’s request.
  4. The some (accommodation and travel, etc) costs of DG’s works are covered by IFIA budget.
  5. His mandate two years period (2012 – 2014).

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE  (This ExCo had been elected in 2012 by GA. Its mandate is to 2014. for more information click here.)

  1. China - Mr. Zhang Qin
  2. Czech Rep. - Mr. Pavel Dlohy
  3. Hungary - Mr. Janos Szöllösy
  4. Iran - Mr. Alireza Rastegar
  5. Korea Rep. - Mr. Shin Kyoung-ho
  6. Malaysia - Mr. Augustine S. H. Ong
  7. Nigeria - Mr. Joel Shaka Momodu
  8. Philippines - Mr. Virgilio Malang
  9. Romania - Mr. Octavian Plesa
  10. Russia - Mr. Vladimir Petriasov
  11. Saudi Arabia - Mr. Mohammad Alfawzan
  12. Slovenia - Ms. Ana Hafner
  13. Sweden - Mr. Cenneth Lindkvist
  14. Ukraine - Mr. Jurij Skomorovsky
  15. Yemen - Mr. Khaled Naswan dr.


GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Meets once every two years.
Suzhou (China), October 18, 2008, > > > info

Nuremberg (Germany), October 29, 2010 > > > info

November 9, 2012, Kunshan, China > > > info

November 20, 2014, Kunshan, China > > > info


WORKING GROUPS: Members are volunteers.

IFIA European Inventor Network (from 2006) > > > info

IFIA African Inventor Network (from 2007) > > > info

IFIA Arabic Inventor Network (from 2009) > > > info


Full members are inventor associations; the general rule is one per country.

Corresponding members are:

inventor associations other than the one representing a country as a full member (i.e., local inventor associations, or organizations and associations specific to women, or to youth);

associations of scientists, researchers, etc.;

corporations and companies, in particular micro and small enterprises.

Collaborating members are:


governmental agencies which promote inventive activity;

innovation centers, research centers and universities;

international invention exhibitions.


New website: www.ifia.com

E-mail: info@ifia.com